My passion for collecting antiques is credited to both my grandmother and mother. Grandmother was a part time antique dealer in the 1960's in Hallowell, Maine and her 19 room home was always a joy to visit. Mother also enjoyed antiques and her home was nicely decorated while growing up. I started collecting antique clocks in 1980. Along the way I added other fine antiques, vintage and collectible items which include pocket watches, working oil and electric lamps, brass items, furniture, and accessories.

     Timepieces of Distinction started out as a one man operation in 1995. It was under a different name then. I bought and sold fine American antique clocks striving only to buy the best original examples. Next I added clock repair and apprenticed with a 30 year clockmaker. All my clocks come with a 1 year guarantee. Today I still work with BRO occasionally who now has over 50 years experience. While learning clock repair the most important lesson for me was "how to restore antique clocks in a way as to protect their antique value".

     In 2004 I moved to Farmingdale, Maine to care for my elderly parents. I changed the name of the business to Timepieces of Distinction and continued my antique business. In 2011 I met my fiancée Jayne at a local antique auction. Jayne went to auctions all over Maine with her bookkeeper mother since the age of five. Her grandmother's homes were displayed of what they liked and used for vintage items, all respectively cared for and well kept. She remembers their words well. "Look with your eyes first and ask questions before you touch." Jayne spread her antique horizons with three and a half years in Germany. She takes delight in each items and likes to share them with those who appreciate their quality. Her areas of interest include art, vintage and antique glass, linens and smalls. Together we are joining forces to share our special collections in a business now called Timepieces of Distinction & MORE. Thank you for your interest and we hope to do business with you soon.

- Gary S. Weed & Jayne McLaughlin
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